Swagga Inc


K.Y~ KY also known as Kaili Turner has been active in the performing arts since the tender age of 7. Kaili was an avid member of chorus and All-Cape Choral singers an elite group of singers from the Cape and Islands. Kaili became interested in acting in highschool where she performed two plays (one was a musical). Kaili has performed around Cape with the Damali Turner dancers (an African dance Troupe). K.Y is also experienced in Native American dance forms, Hip Hop, modern and jazz. K.Y went on to graduate with her Bachelor of Arts with a major in Theatre Arts and minor in dance. K.Y is a professional Boston based actor and dancer. She also gives back to the communitty through teaching dance and theatre to all ages. For more info on classes see the Swagga Inc. calendar!

J-Hues~ Justin “J-Hues” Hughes has been dancing since the age of 6. From genres such as African, Tap, Ballet, Jazz, and Modern(all of which were done at Artist Collective in Hartford, Connecticut), J-Hues has been seeking for a dance art form that is in direct correlation with his personality. A silly, fun, passionate, mature, ambitious, determined and strong minded individual. Since the day he knew he had the talent to sing and dance, J-Hues has involved himself in numerous activities in the Boston, Connecticut, New York and Southern areas. At age 10, J-Hues began pursuing Hip Hop and found that he was able to excel much higher in this particular genre of dance. J-Hues is a self taught Hip Hop dancer that has worked his way into becoming one of the most versatile choreographers and hard hitting dancers in the field today. Working and touring with artists such as, Madusa from def Poetry Jam, Pharaoh Monch and Slum village, he has also gained exposure to Sony/BMG Music entertainment. As a Choreographer, J-Hues has choreographed for artists that are breaking into the industry in front of Industry Executives from BET. Currently J-Hues is actively teaching and performing the new dance art form known as K.R.U.M.P (Kingdom Ratically Uplifting Mighty Praise) as well as Hip Hop and is part of a number of companies that cater to the education, and teaching the intricate fundamentals of dance. These companies are, Bucchouse entertainment and Hues Enterprise. Presently, J-Hues is attending Berklee College of Music, majoring in songwriting with an independent concentration in Music Production and Engineering


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